Dave Burke Joining FHES

Fuller Higher Ed Solutions is growing and I’m excited to announce Dave Burke will join me as Vice President beginning January 1st.  Dave and I have known each other for more than 25 years, share a passion for Christian higher education, enjoy working together, and he has been my most frequent consulting partner during the first year of Fuller HES work with campuses.  

Dave’s career in enrollment management began at his alma mater, Azusa Pacific University, in 1996 and continued until he joined me at Credo in 2015.  He served as Director and then Senior Director of Undergraduate Admissions at APU, spending six years on the board of the North American Coalition of Christian Admission Professionals (NACCAP).  He served as Associate Vice President for Enrollment Solutions at Credo before taking on an independent consulting role for the last year.

Dave’s work at APU, Credo, and with Fuller HES has been characterized by a very practical and realistic approach to identifying and implementing effective enrollment strategies along with a deep appreciation for the importance of team dynamics and leadership development.  He has led consulting assessments, served as an interim vice president for enrollment management, engaged in and presented enrollment research, coached enrollment leaders, trained enrollment teams, and been an effective business development source.  His expertise and personal style builds trust with leaders and team members, making his work even more impactful.

Dave’s role with Fuller HES will include enrollment project leadership, business development, and participation in comprehensive projects where his gifts and experience will lend depth and substance for the benefit of Christian college campuses and those who lead them.