Fuller HES  – Leadership Counsel

As the president of a Christian college, where do you turn when you need advice or a listening ear? Are you facing a challenge where you, your team, or your board could use some high-level counsel?

The Fuller HES team knows the higher education context well and has deep experience in the unique nature of a Christ-centered college.​

Leadership counsel provides options such as:

  • Leadership Focus Days – Fuller HES provides a limited number of free consulting days (travel expenses only) for presidents, either on your campus or in another setting.  The day is spent around your agenda, with you alone or including some time with members of your senior team. This is genuine, no-fee consulting help, offered as a service to Christian higher education leaders.
  • Workshop/Retreat Facilitation – options include guest speaking engagements as part of a larger meeting as well as full retreat facilitation for one or two day events.
  • Customized Projects – through strategic partnerships with organizations like CFO Colleague and Caylor Solutions, FHES can provide services like a detailed study of administrative staffing, processes, and supporting data to help you determine if you have the right staffing mix and policies/practices to support students well. Past projects in this area have included institutional future analysis and academic program viability/margin/potential.