Fuller HES  – Leadership Counsel

As the president of a Christian college, where do you turn when you need advice or a listening ear?  Your campus and your board expect you to be an expert and have the answers; what do you do when you don’t have them or aren’t sure which option is best?  How do you consider alternative solutions to challenges or weigh the merits of opportunities in a safe space?  What if your senior team, faculty/staff, or board needs to hear from an outside expert; where do you find someone who understands the larger context of higher education and also has deep understanding of the unique nature of a Christ-centered college?

Leadership counsel provides presidents and other college leaders with a safe place to talk through challenges and opportunities with a trusted, experienced expert.  This is available in several different forms, customized to meet your needs.

  • Leadership Focus Days – need a day to focus on your own agenda?  Fuller HES provides a limited number of free consulting days (travel expenses only) for presidents, either on your campus or in another setting.  You set the agenda for the day’s conversation.
  • Leadership Counsel – Virtual – options include six and twelve month engagements with a monthly scheduled Zoom meeting as well as unlimited phone/email access between meetings.
  • Leadership Counsel – Blended – this option combines in-person and virtual connection in a year-long engagement which includes four in-person visits to campus (or the setting of your choice) plus monthly scheduled Zoom meetings.
  • Workshop/Retreat Facilitation – options include guest speaking engagements as part of a larger meeting as well as full retreat facilitation for one or two day events.