Overheard: Fuller Higher Ed Contributes to Christian Higher Ed in Publications

Tim Fuller Interviewed Regarding Christian Higher Ed

Over the last few weeks, I was honored to be interviewed by two different writers seeking background for their Christian higher ed articles.  Since both articles have now been published and are of interest to higher education readers of my blog, here is a link to each with a few introductory comments for context.

Christianity Today

The first story was in Christianity Today last month and it explores the challenges facing Christian higher education through the pandemic, with enrollment, program prioritization, financial pressure, and other key issues.  The writer cites the number of layoffs of faculty and staff which have happened in recent years as one sign of the crisis.

The Christian Post

The second story for The Christian Post focuses on the issue of tuition resets at Christian colleges, an especially timely topic given recent resets by Houghton, Seattle Pacific, and Gordon.  Dan Nelson, Bethel University Data Guru (not his official title but I think it fits) and co-author of the annual CCCU Financial Aid Study, was also interviewed for this article along with other Christian higher education leaders.

The challenges facing Christian higher education have some nuances which differentiate them from the challenges facing higher education in general, but I believe there are tremendous opportunities for Christian colleges in midst of these challenges and hope these articles will stimulate conversation with senior teams, boards, and others who care about CCCU, ABHE, and other evangelical Christian colleges.

I have a passion for Christian Higher Ed and I am constantly thinking about how to provide solutions to schools facing challenges. Contact me if you would like to talk further about the ideas in these articles and their implications for your campus. We can set up a meeting with anyone on your team, from the President and Board to the admissions team to discuss your current situation.