It has been my privilege to know and engage with Tim Fuller for over 30 years in the grand work of Christian higher education and specifically the intense challenges of enrollment leadership. Simply put, he gets it.  There are very few leaders in the arena of Christian higher ed that have studied the art and science of enrollment management, analyzed more enrollment data, and strategically helped as many institutions as Tim.  Helping institutions flourish is his passion. Solving problems is his ace. Empowering others to succeed is his spirit. He is a friend of those in the enrollment trenches or executive hot seat trying to chart a course forward through unprecedented times. I commend Tim for your thoughtful consideration if you need wise counsel to help your institution grow.
David Medders
Executive VP, ABHE
Just over 15 years ago, I entered the intimidating but exciting world of enrollment management. One of the greatest gifts I received was being introduced early in my professional career to Tim Fuller. Tim took my feeling of being overwhelmed and gave me concrete solutions to complex problems. He taught me processes and equipped me to lead with confidence this critical aspect of higher education.  Our college experienced record growth in large part to applying Tim’s wisdom and insights, but most of all, Tim became a friend and trusted colleague I can call on any time.
Josh Beers
President, OneLife (former Vice President for Student Experience at Lancaster Bible College)
Tim has guided our senior leadership team through several strategic projects, including two institutional strategic plans. He brings a deep understanding of the higher education landscape and a passion for Christian higher education that produce outstanding results. What I really appreciate about Tim is that he invests himself in our people, not just our projects.
Gary Weier, PhD
Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs, Bob Jones University
I’ve had the privilege of knowing Tim for almost forty years and have relied on his wisdom and expertise countless times.  I doubt there is anyone who knows Christian higher education better than Tim, and he brings that vast reservoir of experience to every engagement.  He is focused on mission, informed by data, and driven to seek excellence – yet at the same time is highly relational, genuinely humble and relentlessly funny.  Tim will help you ask better questions, find better answers, be a better leader, and build a better college.”     
Jack Connell, EdD
President, Eastern Nazarene College
Oklahoma Wesleyan University (OKWU) has benefitted tremendously by having Tim Fuller work with us on strategic advising centered in our admissions journey as well as on the onboarding processes of our students. What I love about Tim is that he has the personal gifts and graces that consistently demonstrate outstanding interpersonal skills with whomever he is training. He knows what he’s doing because he’s actually practiced what he preaches. Most of all, he deals hope for better ways of helping a university thrive well into the future. The return on investment that OKWU received from Tim is worth every precious penny we spent! It is already paying off significant dividends. I am convinced that you and your university will benefit greatly from working with Tim Fuller.  
Jim Dunn, D Min
President, Oklahoma Wesleyan University
A few years ago, Tim consulted with us at MCC and led us through our Strategic Planning process. It was a great experience! Tim was thorough, thoughtful, and detailed. He listened well, guided well, and helped us drill down to the themes we really needed to focus on. He has a very unique understanding of the challenges facing small private faith-based colleges as well as the strategies that are effective in helping take those challenges head on. Looking back, I see the real proof of our time with Tim in the great fruit that came from his work with us. Tim is not only an educational professional that can give great guidance, he is also very personable and cares about those he works with. Although our formal commitment ended several years ago, the relationship with Tim has continued and I am very grateful for how he has blessed MCC as well as me personally.
Kevin Ingram
President, Manhattan Christian College (KS)
Tim Fuller's StrengthFinders profile nails it: Context, Responsibility, Strategic, Empathy, Developer. As a higher education association executive, I have had the frequent privilege of engaging with and observing Tim for more than a decade and every single one of those words rings true. Whether in a large group presentation, a team huddle, or a one-on-one encounter, Tim consistently delivers empathetic, mission-clarifying people and institutional development through a rare combination of laser-sharp data analysis that moves from zoom to wide angle, strategic to specific, principled to practical. Those who engage with him invariably find themselves more personally enriched and missionally effective.  
Ralph Enlow, EdD
President Emeritus, Association for Biblical Higher Education
Having known Tim now for several decades and having been helped many times over by his counsel and insight, I simply borrow the words of Italian scholar Niccolo Segundino when describing Thomas More. Mr. More was Lord Chancellor under King Henry VIII.  “I often relax in his delightful company as one might lodge in some beautiful place.  I never see him without his sending me away better informed and more attached to him.  You could not imagine, I assure you, a more agreeable, charming, and amusing man.  His wonderful elegance as a writer, his choice of words and well-rounded sentences are universally admired but no more so than his keen mind, set off by fairness, humor, wit and courtesy.” When you put these words in the context of providing strategic guidance to our colleges, I firmly believe Tim is the best in the field.
Peter Teague, EdD
President Emeritus, Lancaster Bible College/Capital Seminary
I have had the distinct honor and pleasure to work with Tim Fuller on projects across three campuses in my career. It is an honor to work with Tim because he brings a depth of knowledge and experience to higher education projects, that otherwise might require several experts. He simply knows the landscape of higher education and has worked with a variety of successful institutions of higher learning to bring about measurable and meaningful outcomes. It is a pleasure to work with Tim because he brings to his work a clear understanding of vocation, a sense of humor, a strong dose of wisdom, and the highest commitment to integrity. Simply put, he loves to help colleges and universities do their best work and serve students well.
Erik Ankerberg, PhD
Provost, Concordia University - Chicago
With over 4 decades of experience, Tim Fuller is perhaps the person who might know more than anyone else about Christian College admissions, financial aid, and strategic planning.  We used him here at Grace College to lead us through the strategic planning process when he was with CREDO and we found the process to be easy to follow and it was extremely engaging for our campus.  The follow-up system they included was very helpful for our campus.  Coordinated with our advancement department’s fundraising, it helped us to successfully complete our largest comprehensive campaign a year and a half earlier than we had anticipated.  I recommend Tim without hesitation.
Bill Katip, PhD
President, Grace College and Seminary
Tim Fuller is a master listener!  He possesses an inviting style which combined with his passion for and experience in Christian higher education makes Tim a “go to” solution-finder.  I frequently sought Tim’s advice on both strategic and enrollment matters and each time he exceeded my expectations with timely, thoughtful, data-rich and action-oriented recommendations.    
William M.B. Fleming
President (retired), Palm Beach Atlantic University
Tim is a person who is always there for you, both personally and professionally. He is a consummate professional with years of experience, including 27 years at Houghton College, ending his tenure there as Vice President for Enrollment Management, and 13 years with Credo as an owner and senior vice president. Tim brings a curious, creative, and generous spirit to his work, and continues to be a wonderful partner to the CCCU and countless individual Christian colleges and universities who rely on his savvy enrollment expertise.
Shirley V. Hoogstra
President, Council for Christian Colleges & Universities 
Throughout my nearly 40 years of serving in Christian higher education, the name of Tim Fuller was referenced early and often as a successful, knowledgeable, and relatable practitioner. His breadth of experience is substantial and the results his leadership achieved testifies to his effectiveness in multiple roles and locations. What sets Tim Fuller apart is his ability to quickly discern need and corresponding solutions in a way that affirms the organization for which he is serving, as well as the front-line staff members. Tim is trustworthy, competent, humble. He has an appropriate and timely sense of humor that lightens the often challenging workload of Christian higher education.
Janelle Vernon
Executive Director – Communication and Administration, The Wesleyan Church
Fuller Higher Ed Solutions is a trusted and valuable partner in Missouri Baptist University’s Strategic Planning process. Tim Fuller's comprehensive approach to strategic planning is relational, intuitive and forward thinking. His passion for and experience with Christian colleges and universities helped guide MBU to create and implement a compelling strategic plan that is easily understood, actionable and mission-centric. MBU stakeholders and the greater community have benefited greatly from this worthy endeavor.
Keith Ross
Keith Ross
President, Missouri Baptist University